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What is Talentese?

We are the first Culture Match Hiring Solution for companies that are looking to hire candidates who truly fit their company culture and values. 

Our solution is based on organizational behaviour theory combined with the power of Artificial Intelligence. 

We are NOT a job portal. 

We are NOT an Applicant Tracking System.

We’re much more than that! Keep reading.

How does Talentese work?

Start by requesting an account for your company on our tool. You can do it here. Once your company is approved you can go ahead and analyse your true company culture. For that you will ask your employees to take a culture assessment using an engaging culture assessment that you can share with them.

You publish your jobs in the Talentese dashboard. From there you can connect directly with all the job boards that you use and your own careers page.

And then the magic starts: every candidate that applies to your jobs will go through the Talentese system. Our tool together with our team of Talent Matchmakers will ensure that you get only candidates that fit your company culture and the job requirements. 

In other words: we remove all the hard and non-added value work for you.

How does the integration with my company careers’ page and other job portals specifically work?

As a company you will publish and manage your jobs in your Talentese dashboard. From the dashboard you will get a unique link with a public view of all your jobs and your company logo on it. 

Each job will also have your logo and its own link. You simply need to use these links in your careers page and in the job portals you use. It’s a similar process to what you would do with a classic ATS.

How is the process to analyse my company culture?

As a company admin you will have access to what we call the Private Company Culture Profile

This view shows you in an attractive graphic representation how your company culture is in the 5 pillars that we measure at Talentese: Team Climate, Work flexibility, Development opportunities, Responsibilities, Hierarchy. 

As admin you will be able to share with all your company employees a link to ask them to take a Culture assessment test. Our algorithm processes the input of all the employees who take the test to provide you real insights about your company culture.

The result is that you will uncover the true company culture at your company. This is used then by Talentese to ensure the right fitting of future employees but it’s also very valuable information for companies to understand their culture and be able to act on that.

Can I see the company culture of each individual team?


Every company has an underlying culture however each team has its own culture and you will be able to measure that with Talentese. 

When you ask your colleagues to take the culture assessment test they will indicate in which team they are working. This allows us to provide you the insights of each individual team.

On top, you will also have a general overview about your company culture, taking into account the input of all employees. 

We use this information to provide you the candidates that truly fit in each of the teams but as you can imagine this is golden information for you to learn a lot about your own company. You will be surprised!

Is it really worth hiring people that truly fit my company culture and what’s the cost of culture misfit?

We’re sure you can imagine the answer 😀 but let us tell you some facts: 

  • According to research, culture misfit is the number one reason for low retention of employees. And someone who leaves your company already in the first year after signing a contract will cost your company up to 9 months of the first year’s salary! 
  • On top: companies whose employees are aligned with the company culture will increase up to 30% the revenues! Also, proven by research!

So, the answer is clear, and there must be a reason why 94% of leaders today are concerned about hiring employees who truly fit their culture and values…

What is the science behind Talentese?

At Talentese we analyse the cultural aspects of companies, candidates and employees based on 5 pillars: Team climate, Work flexibility, Development opportunities, Responsibilities, Hierarchy.

These 5 axes of measurement are the results of a collaboration project with the Technical University of Ingolstadt. In this project we asked more than 200+ what are the cultural elements that would influence their satisfaction and engagement at work. 

Out of the different answers we concluded that the most relevant are the alignments on these 5 aspects.

Do I need to publish our jobs in the Talentese tool?

We can initially publish your jobs in our tool for you, at no cost. After the initial publishing you have to keep the jobs up to date.

As a company, what kind of support from Talentese do I have?

As a company using Talentese you will have two types of support:

  • You will have support for everything related with the use of the tool: account, usability, problems with the tool, etc. 
  • And you will have the support from our Talent Matchmakers. Talent Matchmakers are HR experts that belong to the Talentese team and will ensure that the whole hiring process runs smoothly. They are responsible to check that the resume of candidates is complete, request missing information if needed and animate companies and candidates during the whole hiring process. They will be your best friends during the recruiting process!

We define ourselves as a customer centered company therefore the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority!

What is the cost of using Talentese?

For pricing and special offers please contact us at info@talentese.com 

Do I have any special requirements as a company to use Talentese?

Yes, your company must be hiring and paying employees salaries according to the market levels. 

Moreover, we truly want to work with companies that care for culture and values fit between their employees and their organization. If your company does not truly consider culture and values match when hiring new employees, we recommend to not use Talentese as a Hiring Solution as you will not take the maximum benefit from it.

If your company aligns with these two aspects, simply sign up here or get in touch with us at info@talentese.com and we’ll take it from there.

FAQ for Talents


What is Talentese?

Talentese is a culture match hiring platform that connects you with Companies based on your personal working preferences and career goals – much more that it is stated in the job description and your CV!

How can I use Talentese?

You can join Talentese in two different ways: by applying to a particular job from one of the companies using Talentese or by signing up on our platform. 

In the second case you do not apply to any particular job and companies will get in touch with you as soon as there are suitable positions for you. You can sign up here.

Why do I not see jobs listed on Talentese?

We’re not a classical job platform where you see the jobs listed and you apply to the ones that you chose. There are many of those, right? 😀

Companies do not list their jobs directly on Talentese but in their careers page and other job portals. You will enter our tool from those providers. 

If you’re open to being contacted by companies, you can always create an account indicating what you’re looking for, your salary expectations, etc, and companies will get in touch with you as soon as there are suitable positions for you. You can sign up here.

What is the Company Fit Test and how does it work?

Independently on how you join Talentese -by applying to a particular job or by simply signing up on our platform- you will be asked to take a Culture Fit Test. 

It’s a short test with 5 sections covering all the important aspects influencing your satisfaction with the future job: from development opportunities to the working schedule. 

Once we learn more about you, it’s much easier for us to match you with the ideal job! Taking a test takes less than 10 minutes and… trust us, it’s actually a fun thing to do!

Do I have to pay to use Talentese?

No. As a job seeker you don’t need to pay to use Talentese!

Can I sign up even if I’m not looking for a job?

Of course! You can always sign up and choose in the settings the status “not looking for a job”. It will be our secret 😀

What kinds of companies are hiring with Talentese?

At Talentese you can find different types of jobs for any kind of background. However, the biggest amount of jobs are in startups and in medium-size companies: IT, finance, marketing, operations, sales, engineering.

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