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Networking for Achievers!

Networking for Achievers!

by Talentese Team 19/12/2017

Do you want a better job? Are you hungry for a fast-paced career track? Networking is the key! Networking has become a professional necessity in today’s fast-paced world. Networking done right can mean your ticket into the upper echelon of professional elite – the ones who get better jobs just because they network spectacularly!

To further your career path and success, networking has become a vital tool for survival. Most people are more comfortable working with someone they are previously associated with. Career guidance counselors also suggest the best way forward is to build a successful network of high-performing peers. Networking can work wonders for employee branding and create excellent work opportunities!

Read further to become an ace networker.


Attend networking events.

Join your school and university alumni networks to meet old friends. Most times, these individuals are placed in keystone jobs with diverse organizations. Attend exhibitions and tradeshows to improve your networking skills (Forbes, 2012). The opportunity to meet new people can always be used to further your business deals, contracts and maybe, even land a better job opportunity. Career guidance counseling by career counseling for experienced professionals will assist you to understand the scalability of networking. Work on your employee branding by being part of online networking events on LinkedIn and via Twitter feeds (Times, 2009).


Be proactive.

Maintain constant touch with your fellow networkers. Staying on the fringe without actively participating and contributing to networking opportunities can work against you. Stay in touch through emails, blog posts, social networking sites and meeting people regularly. Strive to make a memorable impression wherever you are, and not just at networking meets. Consult a senior career guidance counselor to work on creating impressions. Build relationships with your colleagues, clients and fellow peers. Express yourself through constant proactive behavior (BBC, 2013).  Be actively involved in your personal employee branding with enthusiasm. Notice the difference it makes!


Approach decision makers.

Alright, we know this is tough. But don’t get scared. It’s not as difficult as it sounds. The fastest way to meet decision makers in any company is to network with employees already present there. Ask for an introduction, and you’re in! Another way would be to walk up to decision makers and ask for their insight on certain professional topics. Pique their interest, and they will remember you (Inc., 2013). Again, leave a lasting impression. Always keep in touch through emails, joining same space blogs, adding them to your LinkedIn profile and through emails. Seek career counseling for experienced professionals to frame excellent content.


Conduct prior research.

Whenever possible, try and get information on panelists or keystone speakers at networking events beforehand. Read up on their experience, background, and industry and find at least one or two common topics of interest. When you meet them for the first time, start with an informal chat about these common topics to break the ice successfully. Follow this protocol even while attending interviews to build rapport with your interviewer (Telegraph, 2012). Employee branding also improves as you showcase that you have hobbies and interests you are passionate about.


Don’t sell immediately.

Remember that everyone wants some benefit out of networking. Don’t start your discussion by introducing what you’re selling. Effective networking is not about selling products and services, it is about being impressionable. Most people find that they are able to get placed successfully through networking because they concentrate on their employee branding and not on job descriptions. Always ask questions related to business rather than only talking about you. Showcase the uniqueness of your employee branding through your ability to contribute to business discussions to get the job (Psychology, 2012). Career counseling for experienced professionals will help you in scaling your achievements to sound intuitive and non-boastful.


Keep expanding and updating your contacts.

As you network in the long run, you should continuously expand and update your contacts. Always remember, that this circle of networkers is going to be invaluable in helping you scales heights of growth. As you keep growing, your contacts and networking should also grow. Keep reassessing how you can improve your group and how it will benefit you in the future. Always keep your goal in mind, and work towards your personal employee branding with the help of a senior career guidance counselor.



The easiest way to get a job is if people remember you. More the follow-up; better your employee recall! Build your reputation and employee branding by being persistent and available to discussion. Keep people informed about latest developments in your current job. One way to follow up is to send a thank you note the next day for their time and the lively discussion you had. Ensure this note is extremely respectful, yet professional. Invite them to connect with you informally or through online social media so that you can keep in regular touch. Career counseling for experienced professionals suggests that thank you notes ensure future connections will be received with open arms.

Use these networking tips in formal and informal settings to improve your social and professional standing. Constant use of networking will eventually graduate into instinctive habits and successful relationships. Employee branding improves and it becomes easier to propel yourself onto a successful career path. Remember to network to your strengths and connect with like-minded people. Establishing yourself and networking with amazing industry players will leverage your career to great heights!

by Talentese Team 19/12/2017

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