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How to easily make a great video or audio presentation

How to easily make a great video or audio presentation


Video and audio applications are a big trend at the moment so we really want to give you the chance to impress your future employer! 

Take this chance to explain a bit about yourself, your motivations and your personal values! 



The key here is to be authentic and show who you really are. After all, you want to find a job that truly fits you! We recommend you to create a script and then practice, practice and practice, until you make the perfect video or audio. 

Remember that the video or audio must have 2 minutes at maximum. It might look short, but you can say a lot of things in 2 minutes.

Be creative when writing your script. Here some ideas of questions to answer, which are usually asked by companies: 

  • Who are you? What is your background?
  • What are your personal values? What “moves” you in your life?
  • What are you looking for? What are your goals for the future?
  • What would a company get if they hire you? (Sell yourself 😀!)



Technical constraints:

A great content will not be good without the right video or audio quality. 

Luckily, nowadays it’s very easy to produce amazing videos and audios with a smartphone or with the webcam of your computer. You don’t need to purchase an extra camera, microphone, or expensive equipment. Just follow our tips and it’ll work great! 

  • Find a calm spot without background noise and also without a lot of echo in the room.
  • If you’re using your smartphone, place your camera in the horizontal position.
  • Ideally, stand up for the video as you will give a more dynamic and energetic impression.
  • The videos and audios must not exceed 2 minutes of time.
  • The video files must not exceed 100 MB. 
  • The audio files must not exceed 50 MB.
  • Pay attention to the video format. We allow the most common video formats: mp4, mov, webm, ogg.
  • If you’re recording an audio, pay attention to the audio formats. The accepted formats are: mp3, AIFF, WAV.


That’s it! 


The companies recruiting with the Talentese platform will be looking forward to your video or audio presentation!

All the best!

The Talentese Team 


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